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One of my friends who used to work for this company was screwed royally.... I found this on Craigslist.com about what happened. We Just want everyone to be aware of how this company operates.

This is typical of companies that are based out of another state and come to Nevada and open a satellite office for tax reasons and purposes. They use and abuse Nevada residence. This is something we will have to write our senator and congressman on and see if this can be stopped.

The Story goes as this:

This is one Employee Horror story that I personally want everyone to know and look out for.


On July 2, 2012, One of my friends went to work for this company called Benevolent Generations after letting a job go that was paying more than twice what she was offered for this company. The reason being is she was promised immediate pay raises after 60 days of employment by the President of Benevolent Generations. Well I know this girl personally and she is one of the hardest workers I've ever met. I known her and her husband for several years before they even came to Las Vegas. This girls reputation with several hotel business owners in the city is indisputably great.

Going on through this employment, the president of Benevolent Generations, Some guy Named Chris, was totally arrogant to his employee and said many hateful and disrespectful things including a statement that insisted was she doing Drugs because she did not naturally know how to do something that he was never available for question and answer while he lives in Hawaii. My question is how are you going to run a business here in Vegas while being in Hawaii.

Well getting on to the better part is that even though she completed 60 days. He told her he could not honor the contract to up her pay "AS Contracted" with his signature because of a couple things she could not understand and their was no-one to explain what they needed so she did the best she could with what she had. Instead of supporting her and telling the the clients if you answer the phone and explain what you need, he chastise her for not getting the project right. Note. This project was not what she was hired for.

This week he came up with some bogus *** about her husband calling some other company and saying something that I know her husband would not say about one of his clients... I know her husband. He doesn't play those games, he is very straight forward, and he is a no toleration *** kind of guy...Not saying he is a brute because he does have a Master Degree in Criminal Administration. I know him very well if you can tell. But he is a 16 years U.S marine Combat Vet and he just doesn't play around with someone lively hood and he *** sure doesn't like someone playing with his family. I'm surprised other things haven't happened to this guy Chris Long time ago cause I'm only telling you the important details.

Going On, on 08/05/2012. This girl was told to go home because of this bogus rumor that she had nothing to do with. They you are not fired but we have to find out what is going on. On 08/05/2012 the guy chris talk to the Husband who is now in away on business and they settled everything because I guess Chris found out that this stuff wasn't true. On 08/06/2012 this girl was told to come back to work because they had meetings which they do on every Thursday. When she got to work, Check this out!!!!! The President of Benevolent Generations fired her with no explanation...

Coincidence 1.

She was fired 6 days after her contracted pay raise was supposed to be in effect.

Coincidence 2.

She was fired 4 days after telling Chris that it was not expectable that he could not honor the pay increase as contracted.

Coincidence 3.

He said things in the conversation that leads me to believe that he could not afford to pay her more.

Coincidence 4.

The bogus story he made and all the lies and stories he said in the past finally came to light.

Coincidence 5.

He told her the day of the news that he could not honor her pay raise but he also said in the same sentence that he loved her hard work and and everyone in the company loved her can do attitude. He then stated, We don't want you to go anywhere because you can do the job and we know this. What we want to do is extend your 60 days and go from their.... Not that is *** if I don't hear anything else...

Now i don't believe in coincidences at all DO YOU!!!!!

At least when it comes to this bogus *** that happened!!!!

Ohh least but not least, This one is a good one!

She was supposed to be the Business Manager for Benevolent Generations and a 18 year old person that has been working at Mc Donalds for 10 months made more money than she was making!!!!!

So if you want to try your luck with them. Go ahead!!!! But I warned you!!!!

This will be spread through out the INTERNET until by all of her friends... why cause we love her dearly and she was delt a *** hand...

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You have not idea what you are talking about. Why have you made this your personal vendetta?

The supposed employee isn't even the posting this but instead has her barely literate friend doing it?

Just because you know someone outside of work does not mean that you know their work ethic. What you wrote does not even make sense.


Well all I can say is this. They are all crooks and if they are paying and doing people like that then something has to be done....


It couldn't be me. I am in law school and she has a definite case, lock stock and barrel.

I can get the most uneducated person in the world to know that she would eat this company up in a law suit. and the labor board would kill him...

Hope she calls me, I'll do this case for her for free.


WTF, How do you treat your employees like that. That will make someone go postal...


Wow, Thanks for the heads up. I know to stay the *** away from this company.

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